Company profile

Our own crops, processing under our own management and direct export

Professionalism, expertise, experience and deep commitment - these are what set the Crop Alliance staff apart. For almost 50 yearswe have been growing, preserving, processing and exporting silverskin onions, gherkins and other vegetables in many shapes and sizes.

We are specialists in preserving products in vinegar or brine. Besides silverskin onions and gherkins, our highly extensive product range comprises other vegetables such as cauliflower, carrot, white cabbage, swedes / rutabaga and various vegetable mixes. As such, Crop Alliance is one of the largest vegetable processing companies in the Netherlands.

Since 2004 Crop Alliance has been part of the well-known internationally operating family business, TOP Onions. We have been located in Baarland, in the province of Zeeland, since 1968, originally with a silverskin onion peeling plant, a vegetable processing plant and gherkin fermentation tanks. By adding specialist equipment to our factories and using advanced technologies, we have grown into a high quality, certified all-round company.

Smart innovations combined with state-of-the-art technical developments mean we can look ahead to the future; we operate under a growth-focused policy and carry on the tradition of high quality that is demanded of our products. We stand with both feet in the present whilst becoming more and more aware of the importance of sustainability. Service and flexibility towards you, our customer, are of course paramount to us. Our innovative mechanisation, product know-how and volume enable us to offer our customers the best price to quality ratio at all times. Our principles are: products of the highest quality, flexible service, an innovative and growth-focused policy with an open atmosphere and direct communications. Our customer base is highly diverse; we supply fast food chains as well as the canning, frozen food and convenience food industries. We also supply ingredients for sauces. If you would like to know whether we are able to meet your needs too, please contact us.