Cooking with silverskins

Cooking with silverskins

Spring is in the air and we would like to taste it on our plate too!
This airy stew is bursting with vitamins and minerals and combines perfectly with the low-calorie fresh sweet-sour silverslin onions. Although this stew can easily be served as a vegetarian main course, it is not to be ignored with a delicious lamb sausage ...

Ingredients for 4 people:
1½ kg of crumbly potatoes
more than 1 dl of hot milk
30 grams of butter or large tablespoon of olive oil
salt pepper
250 grams of arugula
200 grams of hard (goat) cheese
100 grams of cashew nuts
4 tablespoons of silver onions, drained

Boil the potatoes in a bottom of water with a pinch of salt until tender. Drain and crush with a pestle or in a puree cutter (NB not in the food processor, because then you get a tough chewing gum like sticky mass, because the starch in the potatoes is completely broken).

Make an airy mashed potato with the milk and butter or olive oil. Season the puree with salt, pepper. Wash and dry the arugula or other chosen green vegetables. Cut the cheese into cubes.

Stir in the arugula and cheese through the red hot mashed potatoes and heat well. Not too long, the cheese should just melt and the vegetables should remain crispy.

Serve the stew topped with the cashew nuts and silverskin onions.

Enjoy your meal!

Tip variations: replace the goat's cheese with mustard cheese or with a soft herb cream cheese.

Wine tip: serve a fruity, light wine such as a French Beaujolais or an Italian Chianti wine at this spring court.

Nutritional value: approx. 375 kcal p.p.