Christmas dinner with silverskins

Christmas dinner with silverskins

The dark days before Christmas are coming.

We make it extra cozy inside and enjoy a long meal with our family.

You can also put a delicious dinner on the table!

Try the recipe below, success assured.

Preparation time: about 15 minutes + marinating 24 hours
Cooking time: about 40 minutes + stewing

For 4-6 people
4 dl red wine
2 bay leaves
6 peppercorns
2 cloves
4 sprigs of thyme
750 grams -1 kg hare poulet (not too small pieces)
100 grams of coarsely sliced ​​farmer's soup vegetables
40 grams of butter
1 onion
2 slices of gingerbread
1 pot of wildfire
2-3 tablespoons cranberries compote (jar)
400 grams ribbon macaroni (pappardelle or tagliatelle)
500-600 grams of broccoli
75 grams of bacon
100 grams of mushrooms
50 grams of silver onion

Make a marinade by mixing the red wine with 4 dl cold water, the bay leaves, crushed (with a nail scoring) peppercorns, cloves and thyme. Place the hare meat in the marinade and add the soup vegetables. Leave it in the fridge for 24 hours, covered.

Drain the meat and pat dry. (Do not throw away the marinade)

Let 40 grams of butter fry in the pan and fry the meat in portions on a high heat. Fry the coarsely chopped onion and let it quench with the sifted marinade. Add the chopped gingerbread and the wild fondue and let it cook for over 1 ½ to 2 hours on a low burner in the closed pan. (Check regularly whether the meat is still under the moisture.)

Let the sauce boil uncovered or bind the moisture if necessary. (Mix 2-3 teaspoons cornstarch with 1 tablespoon of water and add this while stirring.) Add the leek dressing potato compote. Transfer the hare pepper into an oven dish and keep it warm in an oven of about 80 ° C.

Boil the ribbon macaroni al dente in plenty of boiling water with salt and drain. Clean the broccoli and cook the florets al dente.

Fry the bacon, add the cleaned mushrooms and the drained silver onion and cook for about three minutes. Divide the mixture before serving over the hare pepper.

Serve with ribbon macaroni and broccoli.
Nutritional value: approx. 470 kcal p.p.