This vegetable is mainly part of our product range as a component of various vegetable mixes. However, the availability of the semi-finished product puts us in an excellent position to meet the demand for preserved celery. 

The ways in which our celery can be supplied include:

  • Cubes: 3x3x3, 6x6x6, 12x12x12 mm.
  • Cut into strips
  • Alternatives or variations on the above options can always be discussed

We offer a range of packaging options. We generally supply industrial users with 180 kg drums. If you would like smaller packaging, then buckets (max. 20 litres) or polybags (max. 10 kg) are also among the options available. For the convenience industry we also offer smaller polybags. This type of packaging contains up to 1.5 kg of product and can be supplied with a preservative, without additional heat treatment, packaged in a box (6 x 1.5 kg). 

Our customer base is mainly in the convenience, canning and sauce industries both at home and abroad.